Enfome Inc. collaborates with social change leaders in the Haitian-American community in the United States and Haiti, seeking solutions to some of the toughest issues we faced as a people. We work with all type of Haitian organizations include grassroots groups, political, social, religious and entrepreneurial. All have big ideas for making our community and our country a better place. Leaders of these diverse organizations can seek our help, to shape their strategies to maximize their impact.


A primary aim of our work is to help build the capacity of Haitian organizations and their staffs to collaborate most effectively with prospective donors. We do this by framing discussions around important decisions which aligns their organization mission, visions, values, and beliefs with potential donors and funders.

Resource Advocacy

  • Participating in the decision-making process that affects our community.
  • We assist policymakers in finding specific legislative solutions to social problems facing our city and our country.
  • We help in allocating material and financial resources for Haitian nonprofit organizations for short-term relief and long-term sustainable development.
  • Rigorously vet potential Haitian nonprofit organizations that are candidates for philanthropic donation portfolios.
  • Our goal is to ensure that existing and emerging Haitian organizations can become stronger and sustainable.

Logistic Preparedness

  • Logistics preparedness is a critical component of any disaster reduction effort. The January 10th, 2010 Haiti’s earthquake thought us a valuable lesson as a country known for natural and political disaster.  Planning is both necessary and practical since it is generally possible to foresee the types of logistical resource needed to make an actual impact.
  • Our process is based on the assessment needs of affected communities/regions, by working directly with local and national government agencies, organizations, first responders, medical care facilities, community leaders, in coordination with other international NGO’s and businesses. This includes distribution management of donated items and supplies (personal, medical, and educational).